this weekend

we broke out the sunglasses

and our turtle floaty

and went for a little swim

with our cousin emma

and mommy

who had to hold monkey’s arms down so he wouldn’t take off his sunglasses

that’s all

wait, we forgot dotchi who has the longest nose

the end


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The purse evolution

I’ve acquired several purses over the years.  But I would trade them (except for my Chanel – I will go to my grave with that purse) for a mommy purse.  You know, one of those cross-body bags which you can sling on and be completely hands-free, but big enough to store my huge wallet, sunglasses case, phone, camera, zippered pouch which I keep all my gift cards in, and 8 billion receipts.

I can’t believe I ended up here.

Except when I look back, I realize that I totally should have seen this coming:

College:  I had a little pouchette purse which was just big enough to fit my fake ID, cash, cell phone, and house keys.

Grad school:  I had a slightly larger pouchette purse which was just big enough to fit my real driver’s license, cash & credit card, cell phone, house & car keys, and lip gloss.

Post grad:  I had a double-top handle purse which was so much bigger than my previous purses, that in addition to my sunglasses case, cell phone, house & car keys, and lip gloss, I decided to get one of those huge wallets.

Before marriage:  Chanel Coco Cabas.  One of the reasons I married David.  Just kidding.  Not really.  Well, sort of.

After marriage:  Same sized purse as the post grad purse, but with double shoulder straps because you get old and you realize that it’s just more convenient to throw it on your shoulder.

I went through a purse evolution and I didn’t even know it.

Now that I have to juggle carrying Monkey with the diaper bag and stroller, I can’t even handle a shoulder bag anymore.  It just keeps slipping off my shoulder.  Also, because I carry Monkey on the same side that I wear my shoulder bag, I’m always fearful that he’ll spit-up and it’ll go into my purse.  It’s totally happened before.  Except it was projectile spit-up and it ended up going into my cousin Kelly’s Louis Vuitton purse which was sitting on the ground a few feet away.

I wish someone had warned me about needing a mommy bag.  We’ll just add this to the list of 1,239,840 things that no one ever tells you about being a mommy.

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The right kind of stripes

To me, there are two kinds of stripes in the world: the “wrong kind of stripes” and the “right kind of stripes.”

It’s hard to define what the wrong kind of stripes look like, but you know it when you see it.  Usually, they’re those really hideous multi-colored striped shirts which have a combination of really huge stripes with super fine stripes and they don’t seem equally spaced.  It actually hurts to look at a shirt with the wrong kind of stripes.

So that’s why when I saw this onesie with the right kind of stripes, I had to get it for Monkey:

Ain’t it adorable?!!  It’s made by Nosilla Organics and I got it from Zulily for $13 even though it typically retails for $28.   It’s made out of a much thicker cotton than typical onesies.  In addition to the stripes, I love that there’s black trim by the leg openings and by the wrists.  And I love Love LOVE the buttons on the front!  He just looks like a little man in this outfit:

Of course, it’s a little long in the arms…

But that’s ok because it gives him something to shove in his mouth

We ♥ the right kind of stripes.

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