The right kind of stripes

To me, there are two kinds of stripes in the world: the “wrong kind of stripes” and the “right kind of stripes.”

It’s hard to define what the wrong kind of stripes look like, but you know it when you see it.  Usually, they’re those really hideous multi-colored striped shirts which have a combination of really huge stripes with super fine stripes and they don’t seem equally spaced.  It actually hurts to look at a shirt with the wrong kind of stripes.

So that’s why when I saw this onesie with the right kind of stripes, I had to get it for Monkey:

Ain’t it adorable?!!  It’s made by Nosilla Organics and I got it from Zulily for $13 even though it typically retails for $28.   It’s made out of a much thicker cotton than typical onesies.  In addition to the stripes, I love that there’s black trim by the leg openings and by the wrists.  And I love Love LOVE the buttons on the front!  He just looks like a little man in this outfit:

Of course, it’s a little long in the arms…

But that’s ok because it gives him something to shove in his mouth

We ♥ the right kind of stripes.


April 19, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. jewelnumkki replied:

    Oy..he’s so cute in that outfit. He does make me want to make baby clothes!

  2. loganthesockmonkey replied:

    yes please!! i would love to see a jewelnumkki baby line!

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