this weekend

we broke out the sunglasses

and our turtle floaty

and went for a little swim

with our cousin emma

and mommy

who had to hold monkey’s arms down so he wouldn’t take off his sunglasses

that’s all

wait, we forgot dotchi who has the longest nose

the end


June 4, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. erica replied:

    where’d you go swimming? i love the sunglasses and the floaties! chase had a covered one like emma’s and he would pass out floating around.

    awww, dotchi.

    • loganthesockmonkey replied:

      my sister’s townhouse has a community pool so we invited ourselves over since we had such lousy luck last week. hahah. mean chase would fall asleep in it?! haha. that’s awesome.

  2. Jewelnumkki replied:

    Omg those sunglasses!

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